• Service

  • Improve communication by sending appointment reminders and notifications. Your customized messages are easily created and sent only during the hours you specify. Leverage interactive messaging to communicate important information about appointment times, dates, instructions and preparation. Effectively streamlines the appointment process for providing services such as:

              • Consulting
              • Photography
              • Salons
              • Repairs
    • Events
    • Lessons
    • Classes
    • Construction
              • Appointment Reminders
              • Important Notifications
              • Customized Messaging
              • Secure Text Messages
    • Integrates With Scheduling System
    • 2-way Response Enabled
    • Extensive Reporting & Analytics
    • No-cost, Risk-free Trial Program
  • Personalized reminders improve client satisfaction and office efficiency.


  • Let clients respond to confirm their appointment or let you know they need to reschedule.

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  • Sent with your office's email address and can include logos and maps.

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  • How much are missed appointments costing you? Reminder messaging is a proven, effective way to reduce no-shows and can deliver a prompt return on your investment. Consider the following scenario:

    • Average number of weekly appointments: 25
    • Average revenue per appointment: $100
    • Average revenue per week: $2,500
    • Average missed appointment rate: 10%

    By reducing no-shows 50%, you could be making an extra $125 per week. Those savings amount to over $50,000 annually.

  • There is no risk or investment in computer equipment, licensing fees, setup or training. We start by understanding your office objectives and helping to develop all appropriate messages and message templates. You receive test messages and review the results. We will implement our service in your office to your satisfaction before you pay anything.

  • Our automated process is driven by the appointments from your scheduling system. Through complete automation or use of our web portal, you can send messages and get the results on a recurring and on-going basis.