• Recall Notifications

  • Recalls inform of annual, semi-annual, bi-monthly or other timely and important recurring appointments. It's a helpful way to assist in keeping your patients on-track and healthy and benefits everyone. Utilizing our automated process for this allows people to engage and stay connected.

  • Better Responses

    Improve your booking rate over mailed recall reminders by using our automated recall reminder calls or texts. Patients can immediately connect with your office staff to book their next appointment with the push of a single button.

  • Lower Cost

    Automated recall reminders are significantly more cost effective then mailed post-card reminders or staff contacting patients. Phone, text and email recall messages can be sent for a fraction of the cost of other methods.

  • Available In

  • Voice

    Personalized reminders improve patient satisfaction and office efficiency.

  • Text

    Let patients respond to confirm their appointment or let you know they need to reschedule.

  • Email

    Sent with your office's email address and can include logos and maps.