• Appointment Reminders

  • Appointment reminder messages are easily created or adjusted and are sent only during the hours you specify. A typical reminder includes the name of the office who is calling, the patient or client's name, date and time of the appointment and a callback number. Touch response can also be included.

                • Reminders
                • Recalls
                • Referrals
                • Pre-Visit Instructions
                • Post-Op Follow Up
    • Customized Messaging
    • Secure 2-way Response
    • Scheduling App Integration
    • Detailed Reporting
    • Free Trial Program
  • Voice

    Our voice messages are clear, concise and personalized. Sent during designated calling hours with customized wording specific to your office and preference. Touch response for confirmations, etc. can be enabled.

  • Text

    Many people prefer reminders by text. Let folks respond to confirm their appointment or let you know they need to reschedule. This form of 2-way communication can be a tremendous help in a busy office. A dedicated texting toll-free number to your office ensures fast, private and high quality delivery.

  • Email

    Email reminders are sent with your office's email address and can also include logos and maps. This is an effective way to let customers and patients easily communicate with your staff throughout the day or off-hours.

  • Benefits & Features

  • Personalized Messaging

    Each message contains information to an individual's appointment based on your data and preferences.

  • Results &

    See results, confirmations and patient responses and get monthly summary results in a graphic useful format.

  • PHI & HIPAA Compliant

    We utilize secure, encrypted technologies and Business Associate Agreements to keep protected and compliant.