Our voice messages are very clear, concise and personalized for each appointment. The receiver is able to respond confirming their appointment or immediately connect with someone in your office. Making this initial contact prior to the patient appointment is the best way to eliminate missed appointments.



Appointment reminder messages are easily created, can be changed at any time and are sent only during the hours you specify. A typical reminder includes the name of the office/provider who is calling, the patient's name, the date and time of the appointment and a callback number. Appointment confirmation or cancellation touch responses can also be included. Our system allows for an added and effective communication channel with your patients. Reminders can also be designed for pre-op instructions, prescription pick-up or other tasks unique to your office.



Text and Email reminders are also an effective way of easily connecting with your patients. Using email and sms reminder messaging technology to directly connect with them allows for a confirmation or change response and for your staff to adjust schedules as necessary. Rather than reacting to unexpected openings, help maximize your office's appointment scheduling with this included service.








Recalls are messages letting patients know that it is time for their annual, semi-annual or other important recurring appointment. It's a helpful way to assist in keeping your patient population healthy and benefits everyone.



Rescheduling of a patient when they do miss an appointmnet can be done pro-actively by your office. Getting them back on the schedule and in to see someone as soon as possible helps to keep things on track and your office to stay as efficient as possible.



Referrals can be automtated by sending informative messages to patients that have been referred to a specialist. Registration times, windows, procedures and processes can be explained and to help each patient to and through an upcoming procedure.



Message Broadcasts or 'Blasts' are a great way to send important notifications to all of your patients or a sub-section of them. It is a simple and easy way to tell them about such things as a planned or unplanned office closure, a new address or relocation of a facility, a new pre-visit or precedure instruction. These types of things can be communicated in just a few minutes with our reliable and professional process and system.



Post-Visit Surveys are a great way to get timely feedback from patients. Available through text, patients are more likely to respond using this method and can recap their visit quickly and easily. Questions can be customized and responses and results are provided though clear analytic reporting.


Post-Visit Satisfaction  |  Pain Control Evaluation  |  Medical Study Responses  |  Custom Surveys








How much do missed appointments cost your practice? Over-booking is not the answer!


Our automated messages are more reliable and effective than manual methods and have been proven to significantly reduce no-show rates. The following scenario illustrates a prompt return on your investment using reminderXchange in a 2-doctor practice:


          • Average number of weekly appointments: 200

              (based on 20 appointments per day, per doctor)


          • Average revenue per visit: $120


          • Average revenue per week: $12,000 per doctor


          • Average missed appointments rate: 10%


By reducing no-shows 50%, the practice in this scenario saves $600 with our system in its first week alone. Those savings amount to over $30,000 annually!


Savings are proportional to the number of providers in the practice and if this chore is currently assigned to nurses or admin staff those resources can be reassigned to more care-oriented and productive duties.







Through our safe and secure website, you can upload or enter in your contact list. In addition, using direct connectivity, reminderXchange can integrate with your appointment scheduler for a fully-automated solution. We follow HIPAA rules and regulations and know the importance of PHI-Protected Health Information. Our hosted service is monitored 24/7 and contains backup and disaster recovery points. All information is SSL encrypted and never shared.


Our helpful reporting allows you to easily track message outcomes and patient responses. Detailed daily reports include all contacts, status and results. Our easy-to-read summary and statistical reports provide you with useful decision support, mangement support and trend analysis. You may access and download all your reports at any time.







reminderXchange will fully implement an automated messaging system in your office to your satisfaction before you pay anything. There is no risk or investment in computer equipment or licensing fees. Upon implementation your office will realize true gains in savings and efficiencies. Sign Up today to get started!


Our Process of Implementation:

     • Discuss office objectives and operations

     • Create, revise and approve voice, email and text template files

     • Process first reminder list

     • Continue daily use of reminderXchange

     • Review the Daily and Monthly Activity reports

     • Gather feedback from patients







If your office or IT department would like to insource or build out the system of sending its own automated reminders, our expertise can help. There are many different applications and technologies to choose from and we can assist you in selecting what fits your operation and budget. From autodialer gateways and TTS engines to database schemas and planning the rollout to your staff, we are here to help.


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