Our pricing structure is very simple and our rates affordable. How many reminders were sent on your behalf each month determines how much it costs your office to use our service. You know missed appointments are costing your practice valuable time and revenue. Take advantage of our free trial program and use our secure process and technology at no-risk.


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Our automated messaging system is more reliable and effective than manual methods and have been proven to significantly reduce no-show rates. The following scenario illustrates a prompt return on your investment using reminderXchange in a 2-doctor practice:


          • Average number of weekly appointments: 200

              (based on 20 appointments per day per doctor)


          • Average revenue per visit: $120


          • Average revenue per week: $12,000 per doctor


          • Average missed appointments rate: 10%


By reducing no-shows 50%, the practice in this example saves $600 in its first week alone. Those savings amount to over $30,000 annually!


Savings are proportional to the number of providers in the practice and if this chore is currently assigned to nurses or admin staff those resources can be reassigned to more care-oriented and productive duties.






 Enter the number of appointments per day 1 provider has:
 Enter the number of active providers currently on staff:
 Enter the number of days your office is open per week:
 Enter the office average dollar revenue per appointment:
 Enter the office estimated current no-show rate (common=10%):
 Does your office staff currently make reminder calls? (Y/N):






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